Friday, January 15, 2010

Like OMG

Like seriously, OMG? 2 months have passed!!! Looking at my blog, the last post was b4 A levels!!!

So A levels was generally fine... GP can swing either way, I'm hoping for A of course, die die die die must at least B... math, chem, bio, nothing much to say, but econs was fucked up haha... Still i wanna A!! H3 was fucked la, but again i didn't really study much for it, so i still hope i get distinction, or at the very least merit.

Now usually i'll type like 4-6 posts which are dam long about A levels... refer to O level period if u wan, but since A levels was sooo dam long ago, it's time to talk about now!!

So yea, i just enlisted, ECs are average, ok but too tired to be affected by it... Food rocks, ppl are nice and decent, but some ppl are like whoa... Really the ppl in army really do come from ALL walks of life...

So yea, after As i went out a lot and chionged us uni essays, and yea... spend the last 10 days of december aka christmas + new years writing essays... after that enlist... life sucks...

But it's ok I guess, I do learn a lot fron ns so far, like all the human interactions going on in society, i mean after all, society is not just what i'm experiencing previously, but instead an amalgamation of all sectors of singapore.

Tired now peace out. XOXO!!