Monday, April 18, 2011

Time flies..

Wow, I really becamse one of those ppl that gave up on blogs, I mean look at my last post it's been like nearly 6 months whoo... Seeing seniors doing clinical years and stuff, and rewatching grey's and stuff, I can't freaking wait for clinical years to start! And can't wait for M2 also! Bored with studying all this neuro stuff already.. Not that I've mastered it yet or anything but I dunno... And crap.. I realised boy trouble is kinda screwed up. I thought I would have learnt from my mistakes back in JC and fall for the kind of ppl that obviously nth will happen. I dunnooo I'm soo screwed. And now I can't stop thinking about you. And it's affecting my studies and everything else. To think I stopped seeing piggy because of you, when we hardly talk much. Like less than 100 words? Zzz I'm such a loser sighs... And flashback to april fool's 3 years ago? I still remember confessing to the person I like and how everything went so screwed up. To think I nearly made the same mistake again 3 years later, or rather just 2 weeks back. I'm so glad I didn't do it. But the point was to get it over with so that I can move on with my life? Sigh... You make me high but then you also crush me at times... JC was a brief 2 years in our life, heck, who cares what I did, who I went out with? After that everyone part ways. Now there are only a few people back in JC that I actively talk to, and you should know who u are =) But now, it's different. Classmates for 5 years, colleagues for life? Umm.. You. I can't wait to get over you. Of course, if something happens then I guess I'll be really happy =) But no matter, I have to do something soon I guess.. But the consequences.. I have no idea what would happen... Maybe it's better to get over you quietly... Over the 3 month holiday, probably won't see you much anyway. Yes, that's it. I'll get over you quietly. Sigh... Still I like you =) Oh well, such is life... More-than-depressed-ever-in-my-life G

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Boy Trouble...

I thought I had grown out of petty crushes and flings in JC but lol I guess after mugging like mad for the past 12 weeks, my hormones are now surfacing lol... Considering it's been ages since I've done anything much now is the time to start again yea!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fresh Start New Uni Blog Starts Here!!!

All right!! I was looking through my old posts and I realised I was feeling abit depressed about uni? Haha, this post shall be the first official post to start my uni career then!!

It might be rather late, already into the 11th (OMG so fast) of school haha...

Right now what's on my mind is...
- Acing CAs!!

Yea I know, this is so JC/sec sch behaviour, where getting top or top few is easy.. Oh well, if it dosen't work out then maybe next semester or next year I'll start channeling my energy to other stuff heh..

Maintain a postive attitude!! Be happy and stay strong!!


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dying blog... Lonely...

This blog is officially dying... It shall officially be my memories of like sec 3/4?? to my army days...

Uni is rather different. Sure, ppl are nice and stuff but I can't really find my own set of close friends or rather what ppl call a clique. I know cliques are so gossip girl and sec sch but sometimes it's good to just say whatever you want to just a few ppl u know u'll trust and just blab everything and everything that u wanna say and u'll just feel so good after that... It's definitely hard to find ppl liddat here in medicine... 5 yrs in sch, 5 yrs at work... 10 yrs at least seeing the same ppl and u can't really take chances...

In sec sch/ JC no one cares who's bitching about who or who likes who or whatever, everyone knows and like who cares... We'll all go uni after that... But medicine will be different, rite? Sigh... I really really hope I didn't make the wrong decision to do medicine rather than go US... Can't turn back, 1 month out of 10 years served, that's like 1% roughly? Good luck to me =)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Change! That's what I would like to do from uni onwards... My life is sooo boring and complicated and ugh... I need change... So glad I got into uni cuz NS really drains my life... Really excited for school to start and start mugging things that I like and there's just sooo much ahead of me.. Sigh... I think this blog is gonna die soon cuz I tend not to blog as much now... Oh well, let this blog be an archive of my memories then... Archive of bitchiness =)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Complicated Much.

Haiz, been months since I last updated my blog... Soooo much has changed in my life... It's been really really complicated these past few months and I've been going out lesser with my frens. I just feel different.

Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter in life, the next 5 years will be fun I hope, studying what I really am fascinated by. Hmm. Feel very aimless in life, like just floating around, just going to work everyday to finish it and not have like a big picture. I guess in JC u can look forward to A levels, now sort of looking forward to Uni, but something's just not the same...

TYKDCW have been a thing of the past, silly JC crushes and eye candies... Enough of that nonsence already, non productive ECs have been such a waste of my time in JC. I can sense that I'm not that slut anymore, perhaps also due to the lack of EC standard ppl. Oh well whatever =)

Friday, March 05, 2010

A Level Results!!

Ok, I guess being in army made me indifferent & numb to A level results... Like I didn't feel scared or what until like today morning maybe... I guess that's y I'm not applying to any scholarships this year...

Ok, anyway I did beyond my expectations so yes I'm really really happy! For me mugging began in J1 day 1 haha... Looking back I guess I'm really a mugger oh wellz... But I go out also lor haiz haha =)

All the days spent mugging GP, especially tuition, were all worth it I guess... So happy for GP, mugging those essays/content, even buying GP notes online haiz... So desperate to do well in GP, all worked well in the end...

H3, even though 80% of ppl taking the exams were RJ/HC and bell curve was dam dam bad thanks to these ppl, still did well in the end.

Sigh... But now everything in VJ is officially over, will really miss the class, band, and like random ppl here and there... It will never be the same 2009 batch again, never will there be the whole batch again, the VJ experience that I experienced...

Really happy and excited!!

And it's so typical Suni la, never return library books so now she has to pay a fine before taking A level results... ZZZ

Garrett =)
( And when's my gossip girl starting!!!)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Alright, obviosuly being soo free, I tried to put music in my blog. Yea! I hope it dosen't make it slower or anything, not that many ppl read my blog anyway...

"To Suni:
Omg anyway Suni, tell me more about what's happening!! Haha never hear from you so long already. Omg la, are u coming back for As or something??? Anyway I have a new favourite song haha, quite obvious what it is...

Garrett!! "

Ok, so anyway, the song is sooooooo like emo/hot/rock which is like my favourite kind of music when I'm emo... I'm not really emo right now, but more of like a search/contemplating about how to lead my life. Oh wells...


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stephen Hampton

Ok, so like I watched this new show called Paris Hilton's My New BFF, and like OMG there's this guy called Stephen Hampton and like he's the only guy contestant in season 2 and he won!! I'm like sooo happy they're like so cute together esp Stephen!! Like omg!!

And he's got a great personality too! And OMG he's soo funny like on the show, he was like " I skipped PE 43 times a semester because it messes up my hair and I won't think I'm cute anymore..." How cute is that!?!? ZOMG Cuteness! =)
Ok, so I started giving tuition and stuff and it's sth new I hope that I can learn new stuff from this yeah... Plan a lot of stuff to do, posting out in 4 days!! A level results out in 1 week and 4 days!! Can't wait!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Ok, so haven't been blogging for like 4eva becuz of like OMG ns... But oh well, POC le!! meaning no more BMT, graduate already woots!! Hopefully I don't ever have to set foot into tekong again...

Posting result would be out next friday at 10am...
1st choice - SAF Band
2nd choice - 8-5 clerk
3rd choice - any 8-5 job

Shiok, can't wait to start learning driving, japanese, physics, guitar maybe and then start earning $$$ giving tuition... Hope can get at least 2 more students then can earn 1k/month le heh heh... Better still 8-5 can get even more students...

Sigh, I learnt so much from BMT, like really a lot, sth that I can't learn being in a sheltered environment like VJ. Sadly, the harsh reality in the outside world is as such, not everyone has the same moral values are you, the same principles, the same beliefs, it's hard to accept such people and I guess this is something I have to continue to work on, which is to accept people who are um, different from who I am, or rather people who are different from my usual group of friends. It is an insight though into the workings of society and the real outside world, hopefully which I would continue to be sheltered from for the next few years in Uni until I become more mature...

Oh well, anyway, I started watching a new drama, glee! It's not that bad, but it's not that good either, Daniel intro to me de... But it beats sitting around with nothing to do becuz my Gossip Girl is like OMG not coming back till march? Like zz... And apparently Desperate Housewives started 1 month ago already so I just watched 4 episodes at once that day...

Chinese New Year was not that good money wise, I guess people were affected by the economic recession unlike us students... But it was fun going back to Malaysia, a lot of cuties at church haha, I should have "peaced" with them damit... Oh wells yay cuteness!! I miss cute ppl... In the army for 7 weeks with people who swear and curse in every sentence, bullying and like oh gross I don't want to say anymore, ungentlemanly behaviour is soooo like not my thing... I wonder how the lefternet cernel guy would react if a parent asked during the Q&A this question... " What's the SAF take on vulgarities because I know for a fact that all commanders and even some officers use it. Let me quote you a song my son learnt. On the first day of book out my girlfriend gave to me, CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED" Haha classic.... But seriously, vulgarities is like ok, but like when officers use it it's kinda weird becuz they're adults and a representation of the army, so yea... I was quite shocked at first when regulars use like vulgarities, not just like as a passing comment, but use it to scold ppl and use it just so blatantly... Perhaps this would make a good newspaper article, it definitely would arouse a lot of comments...

Bad things aside, I am very grateful for going throguh BMT cuz learning the gun/grenade stuff is so fun, and like so many things I never do before like sleeping outside, not bathing for 3 days, blablabla... And like encountering people of differet social stratas, what an experience. Now I'll just go slack for 1-2 days and then go out yay!!!

Private Garrett!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Like OMG

Like seriously, OMG? 2 months have passed!!! Looking at my blog, the last post was b4 A levels!!!

So A levels was generally fine... GP can swing either way, I'm hoping for A of course, die die die die must at least B... math, chem, bio, nothing much to say, but econs was fucked up haha... Still i wanna A!! H3 was fucked la, but again i didn't really study much for it, so i still hope i get distinction, or at the very least merit.

Now usually i'll type like 4-6 posts which are dam long about A levels... refer to O level period if u wan, but since A levels was sooo dam long ago, it's time to talk about now!!

So yea, i just enlisted, ECs are average, ok but too tired to be affected by it... Food rocks, ppl are nice and decent, but some ppl are like whoa... Really the ppl in army really do come from ALL walks of life...

So yea, after As i went out a lot and chionged us uni essays, and yea... spend the last 10 days of december aka christmas + new years writing essays... after that enlist... life sucks...

But it's ok I guess, I do learn a lot fron ns so far, like all the human interactions going on in society, i mean after all, society is not just what i'm experiencing previously, but instead an amalgamation of all sectors of singapore.

Tired now peace out. XOXO!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

F this!!

Shit la dang, they should put A level papers on saturday too!! Ok, I studied on sat becuz I went to meet Glen... Sunday was totally shit... Today was even shittier... Watched like so many shows today I completely never even touch chem up to now gosh... Bloody hell... I get distracted easily, like seriously... During O level period, I was like thinkin about like about a lot of random stuff, until I stumbled upon wes culwell. I'll never forget his quote and arghh!!! Have to keep that in mind as I struggle through this period... I have this feeling that studying's not fun... argh!! What a time for that feeling to come shit shit shit!!!

On the other hand, the shows I watched were nice yay =) Lots of cute ppl =)