Monday, April 18, 2011

Time flies..

Wow, I really becamse one of those ppl that gave up on blogs, I mean look at my last post it's been like nearly 6 months whoo... Seeing seniors doing clinical years and stuff, and rewatching grey's and stuff, I can't freaking wait for clinical years to start! And can't wait for M2 also! Bored with studying all this neuro stuff already.. Not that I've mastered it yet or anything but I dunno... And crap.. I realised boy trouble is kinda screwed up. I thought I would have learnt from my mistakes back in JC and fall for the kind of ppl that obviously nth will happen. I dunnooo I'm soo screwed. And now I can't stop thinking about you. And it's affecting my studies and everything else. To think I stopped seeing piggy because of you, when we hardly talk much. Like less than 100 words? Zzz I'm such a loser sighs... And flashback to april fool's 3 years ago? I still remember confessing to the person I like and how everything went so screwed up. To think I nearly made the same mistake again 3 years later, or rather just 2 weeks back. I'm so glad I didn't do it. But the point was to get it over with so that I can move on with my life? Sigh... You make me high but then you also crush me at times... JC was a brief 2 years in our life, heck, who cares what I did, who I went out with? After that everyone part ways. Now there are only a few people back in JC that I actively talk to, and you should know who u are =) But now, it's different. Classmates for 5 years, colleagues for life? Umm.. You. I can't wait to get over you. Of course, if something happens then I guess I'll be really happy =) But no matter, I have to do something soon I guess.. But the consequences.. I have no idea what would happen... Maybe it's better to get over you quietly... Over the 3 month holiday, probably won't see you much anyway. Yes, that's it. I'll get over you quietly. Sigh... Still I like you =) Oh well, such is life... More-than-depressed-ever-in-my-life G