Friday, March 07, 2008


Pressure is building up, yes it is. This week, I was totally stressed out and did not even do any homework at all, nor revise any lectures. I just told myself that the march holidays would be a new start, and I MUST organise everything before the march holidays so it will be smooth sailing. Haiz... But I predict that there would be band practices during the march holidays.

I can sense the smartness all around me now.. It's a total different feeling, I've never felt so inferior before. Luckily, the ppl are very nice and hopefully, there would be no backstabbing, politics and whatever in 08S38 =)

In case some of you don't know, I'm going new york on good friday for like 9 days.. So I go on friday and come back next next monday, zzzz. One whole week of lessons gone. If this were in secondary school, I'd be only too happy to miss them. But the pace is so bloody fast that missing 2 lectures can mean missing 1 whole chapter. So when I come back, I have to catch up on 1-2 chapters each for bio, chem, maths and econs... ZZZ. Haiz, that's y I must settle all my term 1 stuff during the march holidays, so that when I lag behind after coming back from new york, I can chiong.

I know I nv blog so much already, namely because I come back like 6-7pm on most days, which is so fked up. And band, gosh. I dunno whether I should continue after new york... But if I quit, I'd have no cca!! I still like band though, a bit. But I dunno, later extend to 3 practices a week...

Tmr's A level results, and JTS ( Junior treat senior ) at fish and co haha. Hope this year, VJC would be comparable to HCJC/RJC in terms of A level results. I really hope so haha, because sometimes I really wonder what my life would be like if I were in RJC.

Enough shit of me, bb.