Monday, February 11, 2008


Wah, I'm like recovered after 6 days of sickness. The first 4 days were like sick, and the other 2 days were like the aftermath, giddy a bit haha. I can't believe I'm sick for 6 days lah!! How come one? Last time at most sick 3 days nia...

Anyway, there's some bio lecture test tmr on protein and enzymes. Apparently no one wants to study for it. However, I'll be the odd one out and study for it because it's the first test of JC, and I want it to be a good start so I'll feel happy. I know la, it's because of my OCD that I have to do well for all the tests, oh well.

And I still have a dam bad cough... This week sucks la... Stupid sickness, I haven't visited anyone yet xian!! Tmr I think I'll cycle for pe if they're going to run 4.8 again.