Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Haha, so I was posted to VJC science, yay. Apparently, VJC science dropped to partial 4, so some of my friends could not get in. Hope their appeals get in =)!!

So anyway, suddenly my father strongly encourage me to change biology to physics.. Actually it's true la, physics is slightly more impt than biolody, in terms of job options, but the thing is that I hate physics can? Even though I'm good at physics, I really really really hate it... It's so stupid la, magnets, electricity, yeesh!! I mean like who cares about stuff like that?

In terms of career options, I still dunno oso haha.. I seriously don't mind being any thing at all. A decent job with a good enough pay is all I want. However, sometimes I want to get a job with lots of $$$, and sometimes I just want to be sth slack like a teacher. Haiz, why am I so bloody indecisive!!!

Anyway the VJC RJC thing is solved and settled haha. Becuz I'm in self denial... I tell my self that
1) Rjc won't accept my appeal
2) Rjc is only 15 mins shorter than travelling to Vjc
3) I'll probably retain there
4) And my low already EQ will drop even lower hahaha

So yes, I'm good in self denialing myself, especially denialing myself for like 5 years since p4 about sth, but I've already accepted it now anyway.

But I mean seriously la, my father's situation is sth like mine. His old company has no backstabbing, politics, and he can come home early. Now in his new company, there are politics, and he comes home very late. He said that the ppl in his new company are very smart and he has to be wary of them constantly. Sounds like my case right?

Oh well, whatever it is, I'm a Victorian now. A Marist and a Victorian, and I'm proud and happy to be one. =)

Anyways, today I went to get a biometric passport so I can go New York.. And wdf, the picture at the immigration there of me is like shit can!! Becuz I just woke up and like rushed to take my photo there, my eyebags are like so big, and wdf I look fuglier than my usual self lor which is already a bit fugly... Sob..

Anyway, from tmr onwards, I swear that I will sorta change a bit, as in not to procastinate homework, and to like do homework lor. Becuz tmr I'm like officially a Victorian, so tmr I'll officially like start doing my work haha. Becuz today I didn't do anything at all!!! I ended up watching movies on youtube, which were so so touching. Then went for piano and practiced a bit and it's like 9:40pm now??!?!?!?!? Haiz, I only like started doing homework after prelim 1, but I don't care, I MUST do homework from now on!! Yes. This time I SWEAR!!!