Sunday, December 02, 2007


The trip to Japan was fun though it was very very short. I hated the airplane ride. Becuz we had to travel through the South China Sea and it was the monsoon season so the turbulence was terrible. I came out of the plane with a headache.

So the first day arrived there very late and so go sleep. The second to fourth day had a hot spring in the hotel, where ppl must go in naked. Can see things there, but it was very relaxing. Then the snow was very nice also, and the temperature reached -10 degree celcius liddat, was dam cold lor. The tour guide was hilarious, he reminds me of chai na na, at first I thought he was chai na na's brother or something becuz they look identical, speak the same voice, character oso the same. I wanted to ask him if his sirname was chai, but it ended up was Ma haha. He keeps telling sex and perverted jokes, male prostitutes, and how he hates his wife, and has many girlfriends haha so funny even though there were like 10 children in the group.

And the people in Japan are hot. Now I know y, becuz they have so many WORKABLE cosmetic products in Japan. Not like sinagpore, where all the cosmetic products are all a farce, all scam de. Also, the parents and teachers encourage ppl to be chio becuz the school uniform is miniskirt and very nice looking top, not like the pyjamas girls wear in singapore. But the cost of living is quite high in Japan, I don't know how they survive. A Macdonald meal costs $9, arcade costs $1.5 for $0.50 worth, anyway the stuff there costs 1.5 times more than in singapore, and the ppl there earn lesser than us. I don't know how the HDI of Japan is so high, apparently it's not evident in what I saw. Becuz ppl live in very small houses and earn like 2k plus ( fresh graduates). And Japan isn't a porn country, like what everyone says, at least what I think.

And we bought so much stuff la, more than what we brought. We wanted to take 2 taxis back home, but luckily the taxi we got was as big as a van, some kind of new taxi so ended up can stuff all the stuff in. When we reached home, the gate could not be opened automatically, ended up there was a blackout. So we rushed to the fridge and threw away all the stuff inside. Milk, chocolate, ice-cream, the ice-cream looked like shit la and so smelly so disgusting... And now the house is so dirty I have to wear slippers around, and my mother is going to get a maid soon. Hope the maid is a good one, I've heard of many many stories about bad maids.

Haiz, everything also postponed. The tuition barbeque, the band barbeque, tuition gathering... Now I don't feel like playing auditionsea so much also. Now I'll try to find something to do.

Oh ya, after this trip I had inspiration to become a tour guide, but dunno got $$$ or not... I mean what job can be better than travelling round the world and getting paid for it? I can see all the beautiful places in the world which is what I like the most, that's y I tot of doing geog in JC but dunno still deciding. Hmmm, if there's a chance to be like a professional tour guide earning lots of money then I might become one. I dunno y all the jobs I wanted to be all no $$$ one. Like being a teacher, musician ( I can't believe I ever entertained this thought b4), tour guide. Haiz, I like these jobs but I also need $$$. Maybe I become stock investor and earn $1 million a year. Then work for 4-5 years and quit. It's true hor not bluffing de, my father knows this person who graduate from Harvard Business dunno what, then worked in this company earning US$1 million a year by investing stocks, and quit after 2 years becuz too stressful le. Oh well, just see what happens. For all I know I might flunk A levels and and have to go poly and spend 5 years b4 going NS, or I dunno...