Sunday, December 30, 2007

Band Camp + Fhuckit

Well, first of all my com sux as u all know, so I'm using my father's laptop to type these words. Finally out from band camp, and after sleeping at 3-4am for the past 3 days and waking up at 7am, I'm used to sleeping late now I guess. But I can't use msn duh, becuz I reformatted my com, and b4 I can download msn finish, my com will restart by itself again.

Anyway, band camp was very fun, mainly becuz we ( sec 4s) do not need to follow any instructions or anything. Can just play and play and play. After practicing the 5-stroke roll for dunno how many hours and at random times of the day, my roll sounds much nicer now. And there was the water games, my favourite which we made water bombs, and eventually filling them up with soap as well. Throw flour at ppl and spray water all over them haha so fun... And we walked through the cemetery for the nightwalk, and some sec1s thought we were like in school.. so funny lor, they were blindfolded of course.

And then the passing out parade ceremony. I was quite scared that the whole thing will be sorta screwed up becuz Chien Teng never come, and we didn't even rehearse until like 1:30, when the concert started at 2pm, zzz. Luckily everything went smoothly, except that my marching is so fugly becuz I forgot everything already after like 5 months.

Despite band camp being such a fun time, I still feel very sad, but it has nothing to do with band. Haiz... I feel so sad after hearing some stuff and I dunno whether it's true or not, but u know, I dunno what to do now. Just wait until JC starts then see what I can do, and then see O level results. See can get 6 or not, if not I guess dunno lah... Dunno how to say. All my fault all my fault, and it has nothing to do with not wanting to be in VJC. I'm at a loss now. But what can I say? I knew it would come to this sooner or later, now I have to sort it out, perhaps hope that what I experienced is not real. Can it be? I dunno... Wait and see, but I swear b4 JAE it will be all settled. Ok, shall not dwell on this issue anymore. Btw, I'm not talking about wanting to be in RJC and not not being in VJC. If you interpreted in that way, then u are wrong. This is not meant to be interpretated.

So hmmm, yes the band formation is really cool. Kudos to Xing Hao and Shawn for their effort and hardwork into making the formation. I was with them most of the time in the computer lab camwhoring and practicing and I can say that it is really really tough to make the band formation. I hope everything goes fine and according to plan, and MSSB might see the biggest intake of band members next year =) But again, that may be a bad thing as the percussion section is already flooded with people. Oh well, wait and see.