Saturday, December 08, 2007


Haiz never update for so long becuz I was too lazy haha, and busy with audition. I am going on to 8key now, but nvm. I can officially watch NC16 movies since 2 days ago hahaha, yes it was my birthday. My parents agreed to buy a watch, computer, handphone and bicycle for me. It's a birthday cum christmas present, so 4 gifts lor... And last year they still haven't buy yet so I can get more expensive stuff lor. Anyway, luckily my father cancelled the order he made for my birthday cake, becuz he ordered in from Prima Deli, which cakes were poisonous or sth. I am so lazy to repair my handphone haiz... I think tmr I ask Fredy help me haha. Sometimes I think I am just being used, hmmm And sometimes I think I am scared of rejecting ppl. Becuz b4 I blogged, a RJC band teacher emailed me asking if I wanted to appeal. Of course I said no, but I felt a bit like guilty to say no. Haiz... I guess that's my biggest weakness.