Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas to everyone who sees this! Haha... Honestly I've said this line like dunno how many times le, including smses, email and bla bla bla bla. Anyway, today I woke up at like 9:30, then went church with some cousins and relatives visitng from Malaysia, then went to eat at crystal jade at toa payoh.. Dunno how we eat until 3+, then went home and saw other relatives from singapore ( note the small 's'). Then eat and play and eat until now lor.. haiz... This time band camp will be fun, becuz I'm not part of it anymore hahaha don't need to follow this or that, keep quiet or follow timing... I can do whatever I want, hope it's a fun one, and I haven't really packed yet..

Btw, I've decided to join the SAF Band.... In ns that is, not as a career. Becuz I really like band and y not? Getting paid to do something I like for 2 years, and best of all it's a military band. Must really work on my snare drum le... becuz that's the only instrument in percussion that they will audition. And I'm at such a disadvantage becuz I'm not from a miltary band, so I only know the matched grip, not traditional grip. And the posture, rudiments bla bla bla.. So maybe I will join band in VJC to hone my snare technique. I've asked Zhen Cheng to spy for me, see how many percussionists they recruit, so I can plan accordingly haha. I love doing band formations especially during the NCO camp. Now that out band is becoming a semi-miltary band, well I hope everything goes well for whatever formations they're doing. I suggested to Fredy entering next year's outdoor display band SYF competition but he called me Xiao... I mean, can try what right? hahaha

And yes, my contacts list is still very pathetic. And it's not worth it to repair my old phone, so continue to send me ur numbers leh... There's no way to retrieve my contacts list from the old phone liao, and later I need to call u to give u christmas present I can't find ur number then too bad hor... ( just kidding about the presents =) )..

And yes, Merry Christmas ( Arghhh Said this so many times le!!), next stop, New Year!!!