Friday, October 19, 2007

O Level

Just 4 more days to the O Levels, I seriously can't wait. Because, the earlier it starts, the earlier it ends!!! But how prepared am I? Let's say I took the O Levels now, this is the level of preparedness I am

English: 70%
Chinese: 30% But I don't really care =)
E.maths: 90%
A.Maths: 99%
Geog: 80%
SS: 50% ( Because source based is talk crap)
Chem: 90%
Physics: 30%
Biology: 30%

Haha, so as you can see I'm only prepared for next week's subjects, namely A.maths, Geog and Chem. I see people preparing biology, physics, SS, but hello? After the geog paper there is 8 days to physics and 11 days to bio + SS??? I don't supposed you are going to spend time studying english and chinese do u? So haha, even though I barely touched physics and bio and ss, I hope everything turns up right. I'm just so worried for english, haiz...