Saturday, October 27, 2007


Haiz, I feel like an idiot now. I NEVER STUDIED YESTERDAY!!!!!!
I woke up at lke 11-12, and attempted to study Theme 3 of SS. I drag here and drag there, ended up finishing it at 4. Then played com until 6 then go for tuition. The reason? I was too fcked up about geography. It further escalated when I heard how easy the history elective was. I lost about 5-6 marks edge, as in 5-6 marks below A1 standard. So for my ss, I must get 5-6 marks above A1 standard which is 45-46. But it's all right, I've gotten over how badly I did already. I mean, if I continue to work hard, I might get 8. But if I let geography affect me, I might screw up more subjects and end up with 10+. So... Since combined humanities has already taken the A2-B3 spot reserved for english, my english now MUST DIE DIE get A1 or A2. Going study now to make up for yesterday, bb.