Friday, January 25, 2008


Well, this is the result slip haha.

English A1
Combined Humanities A1
E.Maths A1
A.Maths A1
Chemistry A1
Physics A1
Biology A1
Chinese B4
Chinese Oral Merit

Ewww!!!! Stupid chinese. Wasted my $50 to retake chinese. Anyway I'm quite happy to get 6 pts la, I really didn't expect it haha. Now I can confirm stay in VJC. But haiz, some of my classmates dunno can or not, I hope all of them can stay too!!

Just to clarify, I'm not applying for RJC of HCJC, so stop mentioning these JCs to me. Haha.

To those who did not perform to their expectations, cheer up!! I have friends who did badly, and honestly their standard is not that kind lor. It's only an exam, and even though if u don't go to the JC/Poly of your choice, the next step is to reflect on ur results and then chiong for the next hurdle, A levels. So yup, cheer up, nothing can be changed.