Monday, January 21, 2008


WDF!! I was sick on saturday!! My BAND DAY!!! AHHH!!! Saturday is like my band day lor, VJC band from 8-12, then MSHS band from 2-6 then go out eat. But wdf!! I was sick... Still I had to drag my feet to collect the $500 edusave scholarship even though I was like sick. Luckily I met Jose's neighbour who gave me a lift home. Their daughter is in VJC too, but like never see her b4. And this $500 is like going into my bank, haiz...

Tmr the results will be out. What results? The results of when the results of O level will be out la.. Lol... MOE always give notice on monday one, so tmr will know when O level results will be out. PLS PLS PLS at the most give me 8. Yup. Many of my classmates are worried that they might not stay in VJ, haiz... So depressing lor, I don't want to see people leave, neither do I want to see ppl come in especially a certain somebody. If that certain somebody somehow does not make it to his JC, pls pls don't come into my class. Another 2 years of competing with u again, forget it. Glen's in my class and that's enough competition.

And my cousin from malaysia is coming to stay with us for 1 day I think, she's like waiting for A level results too. But malaysia de lor, yay. Coming anytime now I think so bb.