Saturday, January 19, 2008


Just back from today's OG BBQ. Today was supposed to have an OG BBQ at east coast park. However, I was quite bored so I went with some classmates to burger king and eat, then go bbq lol. I didn't even eat anything at the bbq becuz it was like no more food, and I'm so full la.

And it was quite boring so I went to bitch around with some of my classmates, I think about 6-7 of us. We swear that whatever we talked about would remain within these 6-7 ppl. So we talked about the hottest guys, girls, couples, first impression of many ppl, and there were like many scandalous juicy interesting gossips which unfortunately, only 6-7 will know. Hahaha... Lost track of time and bitched until like 10+, and then we all talked about O level results haiz... Next week out le, the most is only 1 week more lor. What if I get 9? OMG!! I think I will just cry la... Becuz apparently 9 pts must appeal like mad. 10 leh? I will cry even harder. All the friends I made will be like flushed down the toilet bowl. And I love the culture, I don't want to leave VJC!! I'm feeling a bit sick now, dunno y... Probably ingestion problems ba, haiz going sleep le bb.