Tuesday, April 29, 2008


OMG!! This is like the fastest 2.4km I've ever run in my life. 12:19 mins!! I'm so happy, that's like a C lor, I always like get E or fail for 2.4. Now my napfa grades are ABCDEF, nice right? Too bad I don't get a medal, not even one for obtaining all different grades, sigh...

Anyway, today me and Glen went back to Maris Stella becuz everyone in our class like got back their O level cert already, so when we went back, we were told that may then can take. So typical of MSHS right? Oh well, so we just went back home lor, then in the canteen I saw Hwee Chiat, Hwee Young's brother, then I said hi becuz I tot it was Hwee Young, lol so retarded... No wonder he looked so stunned at me.

Blah blah, got 40 more stupid yanyus to study... Dont' give up higher chinese ppl, becuz even if u get like a D7, which is quite easy to get, u don't need to take chinese in JC, which is a complete waste of time. 3.5 freaking hours a week, oh well, but I'm not complaining =)