Sunday, December 14, 2008


OMG! NSSN was so fun!! I'm gonna miss all the sec 4s, especially the percussion section sec4s!! Hope u can come VJ, and play with us for 1 more year!!

Sigh.. Haven't been blogging these few days becuz of NSSN, always come back so late, then rush to write notes, make presents and everything... It has all come to an end though.

But now, A*Star attachment begins... From monday all the way to school starts, all weekdays from 8-6 will be at some research institute at A*Star. Hope it's fun... Sigh..

Time to organise homework too. I'm so lazy and tired to do homework like OMG!! I never even revise for any work.. And still need to research on that econs competition thing!! OMG!! Help!!!

Ok fine. Anyway, from NSSN to now, about 40 hours have passed and I don't remember doing anything...

Let's see...

Friday 11pm-12am Concert ends, camwhore camwhore camwhore Saturday 12am-10am Sleepover at my house
Saturday 10am-1pm Reading notes, and surfing forum
Saturday 1pm-10pm Sleep
Saturday 10pm-11pm Say hi to my parents who returned from aussy! Saturday 11pm- Sunday 1pm Sleep

Hm..... Anyway, after coming back from church later on, I'll pack my room. It's a total mess... Then I'll put all my homework at one side, all my revision plans on one side, and start working on them for the whole of the coming holidays.... A*Star better be fun! Or else my holidays are so screwed up!!

Fush + Pris, without Suni or Jacq... They take turn pon my concert xia...

Camwhoring backstage during O Magnum Mysterium

Reggie! Drumset Pro!

Joshua! Mallet Pro!

Percussion Section NSSN 2008!!! Love ya!!!
Ok, like seriously, I'll miss all of you Sec4s, hope to see u again whether in VJ or not!!