Monday, December 29, 2008


Like OMG!! Twilight was ok-ok la.. Without Robert Pattinson, the movie would be YUCKS! Maybe I should have read the book after the movie becuz u know, when u read the book without pictures and stuff, u can imagine the ppl to be as hot as u want haha... But when Eric came out in the film I was like " Y is he an asian?" haha... So funny la...

But Robert Pattinson was great!! OMG!! But he a big ugly when he's white leh... Not ugly la.. Just weird... But when he becomes humanly, like brown colour, he's absolutely gorgeous. And OMG, the girl is so not pretty la... On the movie theatre cover, she's so so pretty!! But in the film she looks so super plain and boring...

Ok, so now I have 3 favourite actors yay! Shia Labeouf, Lucas Grabeel and Robert Pattinson!!! Yay!

Ok anyway, went to ate sushi and then went home..

Oh! And I bought New Moon, and I'm so going to read it, but no time... Sigh... Oh well, Bye bye!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Can't wait for Gossip Girl to start!!