Friday, December 26, 2008


Yay, christmas was so-so this year... Becuz my sis made me angry during the party and I just slept for 4 hours in my room... Anyway, I received quite cool gifts from my cousins and family, especially the wallet. Now I can have another wallet yay!

I just like finished reading twilight in about hmmm 1 day lor.. I started on christmas eve 3pm ( I woke up at 2:30 pm haha) and finished it at christmas day 4am haha... Can't help it!! The book is so so interesting, and the fact that Robert Pattinson is a charmer does help too haha.. But the picture on the cover of the book is so insulting to him la, it's like only 10% of his hotness...

Anyway, I'm going to like get the next book and finish the series asap haha, I love Twilight!!! I think it's so cool, becuz u get to spend eternity with the person u love. Even though you're a vampire.

Anyway, while the band ppl are like having fun at Vivo, I'm like in the stupid dam lab treating cancer cells... Like zomg la... At least it's still fun, if not for the fact that I'm tiring and crabby...

Anyway, once I know that I have nothing else to do, I'll head to vivo yea! But I think they're watching a movie from 4-6, which I don't have the tickets since they book already... Maybe I'll watch Twilight alone, I love watching these kind of sad and romantic shows alone so I can just cry and gush and no one will care haha.. Bye bye