Tuesday, June 26, 2007

First day of term 3

Hi, I finally revived friendster, becuz I am so so bored with my life now... guess I am just xian so just try new stuff such as blogging. Today, I slept at 1am? and woke up at 5 am.. Went to school so tired, quickly borrow and copy chemistry and physics and I finished my last sentence as soon as my form teacher walked in =). Left bio and geog to do later xian.. I thought that during the holidays, a certain someone would think practically and get out of his own fantasy island, thinking that a certain school is capable of achieving great things such as setting some national record in certain stuff. In the end, I can't believe that a certain person is still interested in his ideology and is serious in embarrassing a certain school. Just wait until this saturday which I would be unfortunately down with a fever to see a certain school being embarrassed... Imagine preparing for a performance in 5 days, which the maximum practice is 2 hours maybe? And 1000+ ppl are involved. Haha, wanna guess the outcome?