Friday, June 22, 2007

Procastinator Me

Xian, when exams started I promised that I would use the first week to totatlly play, wake up at 11, play computer until 2am, go out, whatever no books. Then I would use the second week to start on my homework and revise a little( sec 4s only got 2 weeks u lucky shit). Then end up, I started doing my homework just yesterday.. Nothing to be proud of though, just half of the e.maths paper. Today I finished the other half and I still have bio, chem, physics and geog.... I want to die lah, now I don't know if I can go to tmr's concert. Some more need to study for the tests in the first week of term 3. Xian la. To all sec 4s, the o levels might seem far away. Exactly 4 more months to the first paper. However, prelim 2 starts 2 more months from now. And band's most probably going to take up 1 month of July. That leaves August to chiong for O level.. With National Day, 1 week holiday, and english orals, I dunno if one can make it. So, my advice to all sec 4s is to start now. NOW. I have made up my mind. My revision starts next monday. period. It would continue until the end of o levels. The reason? 2 weeks + in august is not enough.