Sunday, November 18, 2007

Which JC???

I know many people know I want to go to VJC. Ok, but to be honest I don't mind going to AJC, NYJC, and I certainly wish to go to RJC. Ok, ok I know I'm too lousy for RJC. BUT, what do these JCs have in common? Smart! They are all very near my house! RJC is only a 10 mins bus ride away, NYJC is walking distance, AJC is quite near oso. VJC leh? OMG It's a freaking 40 min bus ride!!! Unfortunately, there is this mysterious opposing force like friction in our daily lives, parents. Like Lenz's Law states, " The induced decision of one's parents, and hence the induced consequences will always be such as to oppose the decision of a person."
My father keeps telling me that bla bla bla better schools have better results. True, but u know y? BECUZ, the good students are in there!!!

If I go to other JC and continue to work hard, I don't see y I would have different results in other better JCs. Ok fine, no AJC no NYJC. How about RJC? I didn't tell my parents about this, but actually when I dsaed, it wasn't a total failure. They told me to appeal during PAE if I had good prelim scores, and they would not need a reaudition, and would have a higher chance of appealing succesfully. If I told my father this, he will surely ask me to appeal and bla bla bla. But I don't want to be tied down to band ok? I assume that 7 is 'good' since it's just 1 mark away from the perfect score. Ok, fine. Let's assume I get into RJC for PAE. Consequences???

1) Kena discriminated, looked down upon, " Wah lau, 7-pointer still want come RJC? No sense of shame." NOOOO I hate that I tell you I HATE THAT!!!!!!! I'll never be a truck, NEVER!!!

2) Tied down to band. Gosh who knows what will happen? I don't think I'm going to join band in JC, waste so much time and will make my results go down.

3) 10% of the ppl takes chinese. "Bye everyone, I gotta stay in school for 2 more hours to study a language which is made up of messy lines." ZZZZ.

Despite these consequences, the fact that the school is a mere 10 minute from my house makes it so appealing. Just think of all the time I would save... I would save like 40 mins a day traveling!!!! Di Wei, u said u saw my blog b4. If u see this then say sth!!! Tell me rafflesians aren't liddat, if they're all like u I will appeal until my lungs burst!!

HOW HOW!!! Anyway I think I'll still put VJC as first choice, and I won't appeal I guess... But I don't want to enter VJC half-heartedly, that would be very stupid. Oh well, I still have 2-3 more days to think about it.

EDIT: I finally got an epiphany!! I'll just console myself that the time saved from travelling to VJC a week is equal to the time lost at 1 band practice in RJC. Becuz there is just NO way I am joining band in VJC becuz they are GOLD WITH HONOURS!!! AHHH!!! All right, I'm quite happy now. Now here's to hope that I'll get into VJC for PAE!!