Sunday, May 11, 2008


Lol? I think i'm the world's most idiotic stupidiest indecisive person. I can't make decisions for nuts! Just when I thought that I was so so so damn sure about quitting band, all of a sudden I got this urge to stay one. I liked MSHS band because I could teach juniors, I guess I really like to teach ppl haha.. Maths tutoring programme, and even my sister... Most probably will become a teacher... But I'm just so xian la... Plus I can't go alumni band because saturdays are like ending at 4, and practices are so long and tiring... Plus the fact that some ppl hates me dosen't add relief to the issue. And also, I LOVE bridge la!! Ever since I learned it in like january i was addicted to it since then. I still play about 2 hours of bridge on the computer quite frequently. If only I learnt that there was such a CCA known as bridge club. Haiz...

Conclusion: I think I'll stay in VJ band. I'll pursue my bridge passion in the igloo with classmates and on the internet. Who cares what people think of me? Anti-social, loser, ugly, whatever... I don't care. Why should I care about what people think about me? As long as I don't lose those few friends( u know who u are hahaha) can liao.

And I have gained enlightenment.

Garrett's Law: Don't care about what people think about you. This will make you happier.