Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Tired, really. These few days I've been sleeping at like 11+, sometimes even reaching 12... It's really sad... Everyone's chionging for promos, then after that it'll be pw, chinese. Then after that attachments and maybe OCIP. Haiz, for now it's pw, need to do a lot of stuff, I feel so bad for not doing much stuff for pw haiz...

And everyone around me study until dunno where already. Like wdf lor, seriously, don't feel complacent k? Still got promos to look forward to.

And I need to plan my holidays. Hmm novemver and december what to do... Band will take up like almost 1 whole month, grrr... It's like the only time to do OCIP, attachment and stuff liddat but oh well, dunno how but I'll try to squeeze everything in between practices and stuff.

And I dunno, I think I should not talk so much about some stuff. ya.