Friday, August 08, 2008


Today was fun/diaoz... It started with waking up at Jacq's house after the pathetic sleepover last night haha... It's so funny lor, this is like the first sleepover I ever had where everyone went to sleep at like 11! Too bad, Jacqueline had her blood drained, and pris oso, so it's like they're so tired... So me and fush were like, hello? It's 11 and it's a sleepover... But apparently no one cares so we just went to sleep. Then I woke up today at 6++ and went home.

Then I went to RI for connect singapore! Not much comments, actually a lot of comments, but what's done is done. Learn from our mistakes and prevent them in future.

After that I went to play badminton with band ppl. Haha I suck la, sigh... I only like win when I play with Jacq during pe lessons. When I play with others, it's like diaoz... Then after our session from 2-4, there was this kiddy playing like some pro can? I bet they were laughing when we were playing so noobly lah.

Then me, rachel, hidhir and jialing went to watch Money no enough 2. It's a seriously good show, but gosh! The advertisements were 20 mins long!! Like what the hell? Next time go GV at plaza sing can go 15 mins late lah... The show is very nice, and what I like about it is the true portrayal of Singapore in a comical but yet real way. The show is able to stir all emotions in me, and made me tear... But dunno y I never cried as compared to I not stupid 2. Omg that I not stupid 2 made me cry like some madman can? It's like my whole upper shirt was like wet with tears and mucus...

And then we went to eat dinner at pastamania at like 9pm and bitched until 11pm about some stuff. And then went back. Tmr and sunday and monday are holiday woot!! I seriously have to do work liao.