Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ugh.. Disgustingly stressful

Like omg, in case u haven't noticed I've been blogging like hardly ever now. This shows how busy I am as the frequency of blog posts is directly proportional to my business. Like omg can? Today was the supreme embarassment of all time, my OP presentation was like the shittiest of the shittiest of the shit.. I just wan throw face away liao lahz.. Nvm, that's becuz I never prepare as I was too busy with something else.

I SHALL PREPARE FOR ALL OP FROM NOW ONWARDS. Yes, I will prepare and do OP from now onwards, and after chinese, it's full fledged op liao.

And chinese mock exam was well.. a mock.. Ppl were like shouting and laughing during the papers, and this leslie toh lookalike chinese teacher kept making jokes during the paper, and this big girly teacher keep acting fierce when it's so funny becuz she's like not.. and she makes so much noise lahz... Goodness!

And my new EC is like sitting on the left side, so it's art fac, but I know that long ago. Hmm... I know it's not A15 since that's my friend's class, and he dosen't come in my chinese class... So that leaves A11,12,13,14... And like he's sitting on top, so A14? Haha I dunno... It's time to relieve EC days again. After a temporary hiatus during exam time, depressions and just well... Anything, it's time to start going on a EC hunt again, yay who wants to join me?