Monday, October 13, 2008


Xian..!!! I finally finished watching all the Gossip girl episodes up to date and I'm bored!!! AHH!!! Now I need to wait for 1 whole dam week just to get 40 mins worth of excitement when I could have been spending the whole day watching... I can't stand Dan Humphrey anymore, he lost his hotness le. I like Chuck Bass now, and Blair!! OMG!! She's my idol can, she's just so perfect, come on slap that bitch Serena and regain ur throne!

Ok, that aside, written report is coming to an end, yay!!!

And for a long time, I can't believe I can't cope with everything!! I dunno why, making becuz I just suck.. Chinese, PW, Bio olympiad I dunno, how come ppl seem so relaxed while I'm so stressed up? I really dunno why... This is so gross la, I can't believe I'm feeling stressed up over academics, ugh.. Disgusting...