Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Ok, attachment at A*Star is ending this friday with a 5 minute presentation.. I just did it in like 10 mins lor hahaha.. Nvm, tmr I shall edit and edit until it's perfect. But I'm known for beautiful background and stuff but they insist on using some fugly template.. Oh wells..

Anyway, I wanted to upload this beautiful picture of antibodies and staining cells... It's super beautiful.. But it's in some weird format so I can't upload it.. Ah well.

Anyway, I heard that SYF piece is *********. Ok, it's just weird la, and I think it's just weird lor, I mean it's so weird to do that, it's just weird la ok?

Ok, I can't wait to go back for band practice this friday! I think I can make it after my presentation and checkout at A*Star.. But I need to go for the econs competition debate preparation thingy I think... I feel dam bad la.. Though I help by doing research and stuff, I never actually see the debate becuz I have the attachment...

Anyway, MOE sent me this letter to ask me to appeal for 13 units. Like wdf? Y don't say earlier got such thing, I would have taken my dream combo of H2 Math, Chem, Bio, Physics, Geog... Maybe can sub physics for music... Or whatever... Anyway I feel that JC is really lame, like y we only take 4 subjects? They should cut down content to about 70% and let us take 6 subjects... And I bet 70% of the content is still more than the British A Levels... Anyway obviously I didn't want to take 13 units... Becuz VJC is weird, they don't even allow triple science... Should have went HC or TJ instead.. Just kidding!!

Ok, it's getting late.. But who cares?

Anyway I did homework while waiting for the cells to proliferate.. I did mitosis and finished it woots!! I am like 3/4 done with reading International Trade... And I know I sound gross, but I'm going to read organic chem tmr... To prepare myself for H3 NTU Chem.. I mean the H3 I'm taking is all all all about organic chem... Apparently TJ already finish teaching their students the WHOLE of organic chem.. So I better read up a bit first... Can't lose to TJ peeps... Like how gross is that? Just kidding haha =)

AND OMG!! I just watched Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives LIKE OMG!! It's like the bestest bestest la!! The wait was well worth it..

XOXO Pyrosphere =)