Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Lol today was quite sad... Had the handover of J2s to J1s for VJ band. But I guess history repeated itself somewhat.. Let's see, it all happened 2.5 years ago on december something when I was sec 2. 10 of us were like in a squad, waiting for the announcement of post. Someone told me I 100% get post so I was quite happy. I was hoping for like the secretary or treasurer. Then in the end, I got Drum Major. I dunno y, becuz I was somewhat a let down I guess... But I think it's becuz of my mentality that I can't do it or sth... Oh well, when I see Xing Hao leading the band to such great heights I just feel happy, that at least someone managed to salvage my destruction. James too! He's doing a wonderful job, jiayou!! Make sure MSSB becomes the most popular CCA in MSHS!!

Then today, there was the announcement of the TAE club( The Anti Exco Club) of VJ band. These ppl are all cool, enthu in band and very active la. So when I was called out I was like HUH!? And I shouted that so loudly, LOL so funny... But I was in shock. I know Matthew had something to do with this, BUT I guess I'll just have to do my best ha ha... I guess from now on I must be more enthu and active in band le, haiz... Never mind, I'll just do my best. But if u know me in VJ band u will know y I'm shocked ha ha becuz I hardly talk to the ppl there.. I know it's partly my fault, but then ha ha dunno y, I can't seem to find time to go band during sch hours.

And OMG I think we're not playing a certain song for alumni competition anymore so I'm quite happy becuz I have a xylo solo in that song and I can only play it like 50% of the time. PLS PLS PLS like take away that song ha ha...

And the hectic month has started! As u can see, it's already nearly 11pm lah.... So late can? And I just got home from alumni band!! How to do tutorial and bla bla by tmr?

Also, I have this weird feeling that I'm pissing ppl off in my class. I dunno y, but maybe it's because my friends in 4B know that when I show off results, it's really only for fun. Becuz they know me well, that I'm not the kind who will u know... Be a bitch la... But somehow I get this feeling in my VJ class. Well, I just want u all to know that I don't mean anything at all!! It's just my character I guess.. Sry if I offeneded anyone or whatever, I really don't mean to =) So yes, I'm going to keep my mouth shut about whatever results I get already. I don't want anyone to get the wrong impression of me.

All I can say is that I'm happy with whatever results I got.