Friday, July 18, 2008

Ugh, irritating...

Today got some science carnival thingy, then I saw Hwee Young haha yay. Anyway, our class participated in some library quiz thingy. At first I thought it was a quiz on general knowledge or something like worthy of having a quiz, ended up it was on the library rules and organisation. Ugh.. But nvm, the 6 of us still went anyway. Suni, Jacq, Collin, Ying Ying, Fang Fang and me =) It was quite fun actually, running around the library putting books back, finding information and bla bla. Poor Ying Ying, she got sat on like 3 times in the musical chairs game. In the end we got 2nd haha.. It was like the first time I ran in the library and shouting cheers across the library.

But what disgusted me was bio Ya I know, what's disgusting about bio right? Well, those who love bio so much, would obviously take H3 Bio and participate in the Bio Olympiad rite? Like Glen and me. But now the thing is that guess what? Bio Olympiad is at 3:40 on monday, and H3 Bio is on 4:15 on monday! Great! So what? Am I supposed to pon half of Bio Olympiad? Actually I don't mind ponning if they don't kick me out of Bio Olympiad since I actually learn more by myself than listening to the teacher rant on and on and nothing is absorbed because it's like 3:40?

Like seriously la. Now I dunno what to do. H3 Bio or Bio Olympiad? I know that H3 is like more important, but I was really keen on winning the Bio Olympiad thingy. Today Collin made me realise that T3A has to be planned like now. And that's what I'm already doing.

1) I Love Band!!!
- VJ Band Section Leader
- VJ Band New York Gold Award
- VJ Band 2009 SYF ??? Award ( Hoping for GWH of course)
- VJ Concert 2008 in Esplanade
- MSHS Alumni 2008 NBC Gold Award
- MSHS Alumni 2008 SIBF ??? Award ( Just 1 more week!!)
- MSHS Alumni Concert 2008 in Esplanade
- Grade 8 Piano Pass
- Grade 8 Percussion Distinction

2) I Love Bio!!!
- Enrichment Science Research Programme ( I'm seriously giving up hope on this, I dunno y they never organise stuff for us!! )
- 2008 Singapore Biology Olympiad ??? Award
- Attachment Programmes ( Die die must get it in november/december )

3) ????

Haiz... I dunno what to put for my third T3A lah... My friend was like telling me to seperate VJ band and MSHS Alumni band, but then that's like so cheapskate. And this year I want to pia the bio part le.. Then maybe put CIP stuff as my third T3A? But I dunno whether I can do decent CIP stuff lah....

Stress stress stress... Thanks Collin for making me realise that my T3A sux like shit... Have to sign up for more stuff liaoz...

What a long post bb.