Thursday, July 03, 2008


Yeah! I love my section! Without them, I dunno how I would have made in this far without quitting hahaha... These are my 5 seniors, yay. I love all of u guys =)

Even though it's only like 7 months, I sure learned a lot from all of u. And it really has been a great time talking, crapping and just mingling with all of u. I'll really miss all of u haiz... Dunno y but Matthew looks so innocent and angel like in this photo. Oh well, thanks for everything J2s =)

And here's the whole percussion section of VJCSB 2008!!
J2 + J1=OWNAGE!!

Well, there's still another year to go, SYF, NSSN, maybe more competitions, Majestia, haha I look forward to these events with u guys J1s!!

And Lol.. I always look so toot and retarded in photos.. That's y I don't like taking photos of myself ha ha...