Sunday, July 13, 2008

La la la

Today was a day with mixed emotions, 2nd National Band Competition 2008!! Well, to cut a long story short, we got 5th position out of 11 bands, but hey, we still got a Gold Award, and yup this is the open division, where there are uni bands and other good bands too. So nvm, we all know what happened and as long as we know that we're still good, that's enough to chiong for the Singapore International Band Festival!! =)

Lol today it's like so comical and funny and at the same time ridiculous la... There's this OBJECT who is so fucked up. Ya, I know what you're thinking. Becuz it's just so funny la can? Since I can't like say some stuff just in case I get sued becuz IT bought this weird program that can trace stuff, it's like I take 1000 free chocolate samples from a candy shop and someone takes 10 free chocolate samples and I complain and bitch about that someone. Funny isn't it? The thing is that taking chocolate samples is legal. Oh Gee, I guess some THINGS aint bright at all. In fact, to the extent of being ridiculous, making a fool out of ITSELF.

And yes, I agree with Mr Lin. The evaluation is weird. I'm not being a sore loser seriously. I don't expect 1st, but it's like so weird when some ppl who is like duh won't get top few gets top few and some body ( not us, quite a few ppl ) who is duh won't get last few get like last few?

And of course, everything I said are metaphors. Go figure what it means if u want. But if u don't understand, then u shudn't know anyway.