Friday, September 21, 2007


Well, today's the last day of prelims!!! WOOT!!!!! Today after the last paper we quickly zhao to avoid 'small letter c' because we don't want him to come lan with us hahaha. And he came 25 mins for today's chem paper, haiz. So altogether 10 ppl + extra ee ming follow us to the IRC shop and city hall. Xu Yu, Yu Chen, Bo Han, Zhou Jing, some 4A Prc, me, Jeremy Lim, 2 of his friends Eugene and something ( oops forgot ur name ), Christian. So it was a China VS Singapore friendly match haha. Then Ee Ming zhao le for tuition then we ate burger king, got dressed but then the lan shop said uniform cannot so we changed. Then 3 ppl wore school pants and home shirt but still cannot. So we wait until 1:30 to go into the other LAN shop. Haha we played all the way to about 5:00. 3 matches for dota. AP, APEM, AR. And Singapore team won 2-1 hahahahaha. But it was a friendly match la. And throughout the game hor, got so many ppl around us shouting 'FU** THEM', 'FU** U LA KS ME' and many more colourful words haha so funny. Then after that I go home and here I am haha.