Saturday, September 29, 2007


Hmm, today in the morning in the car, my father told me that my grandfather on my mother's side passed away. Guess I will be busy the next few days. Looks like next year's chinese new year is double wham. Grandparents on both my father and mother's side have passed away this year. Life is supposed to be everything. So death is a subset of life. But how can we experience death when we live? Lol I know it's lame. Anyway, my grandfather was not really close to me, he is quite quiet but caring and understanding. I hope wherever he is, he would be happy.

Warning!! Serious Ranting Below.

I don't know why our school suddenly become so weird. They ask us to study hard, saying that the prelims are hard and that it is very important if we want to go JC. Fine. We study hard. Then they screw us up with what not stupid making scheme for english. No one got a bloody A1 for goodness sake. 4 A2s maybe? Bloody hell freaking shit. "Oh we want to match the O Level standard. If we moderate, it won't be a true reflection of your standard", cut the crap please. And what's with higher chinese being able to deduct 2 marks. For God's sake I just have to get a stupid 50% to -2 marks. Something whch allows me to go into any JC. And on top of that, you only need 45% in order to not take chinese in JC. You save 4 hours a week, WOW. This system is just seriously so screwed up IMHO. Even L1R5 is so inaccurate. So a person with 95 95 95 95 95 74 ( L1R5 = 7) is lousier than someone who gets 76 76 76 76 76 66 and a 50 in higher chinese ( L1R5 = 6), WOW. I feel so cheated now, I felt as if my efforts were wasted, or something like that. It's like work so hard but still lose to people who take higher chinese, they can get a 2/3 while I'm stuck with a 5. Not 4. And with the standards rising like every year, JCs are going to raise their cut-off points. VJC become 4? or 3? And RJC becomes 0. With the introduction of higher english, in which a C6 is necessary to -2 more marks. Freak it damit, why didn't I did better for chinese in sec 2? I'm sure if I memorise the whole freaking chinese dictionary I can get C6.

Ok, whatever I've said is obviously wrong and untrue and whatever not. Of course, I'm angry at the bloody fact of HCL. Fine, my chinese sucks. But is it that freaking hard to get a bloody C6? Gosh! If you don't like it just press the X at the top right hand corner now.

Of course I'm not talking about anyone here but i'm just angry with my own results and blaming my poor shitty chinese and english which virtually ruined my whole future. Thank You.

Now I don't even think VJC will accept 5 points now. Haiz.