Tuesday, September 25, 2007


My Reflection

Hmm, today's results are quite so-so lah. Before recess was good but after recess... Let's see

SS SBQ: 21/25

Ok, I guess.

Chemistry : 80/100

Ok too I guess, expected a border line A1 though.

Physics : 73/100

ZZ WDF! This happens almost everytime. I knew it was a hard paper, but didn't thought that I would get an A2 AGAIN!! Like I said this confirms the Physics Curse. That I will be cursed to have A2 forever in my physics, haiz.

So I guess today was kind of ok la, tmr hope I don't get a heart attack can le. Now just hope that physics will moderate by 3-4 marks even though I think there would be no moderation since there were many Bs.