Saturday, September 01, 2007


Today's teacher's day celebrations was a bit fun and a bit lame lah.. Today came school just crap crap then found a very funny video of a certain teacher on a certain website, haha, then our class played it like 30 times. Then the celebration was Mr.Cool marist. Then when the top 10 was announced, it was like okay, some people jeer at the PRC, dunno why, these kind of really lame people. Maybe I do know why people jeer at them, but shall not say. Then anyway the teachers were dancing halfway and it was hilarious la, and some of the marists dance also quite funny and creative, since they chereographed it themselves, and Joseph was a bit diaoz la. Then some bands played, and some of my class people were shouting words that meant SKCURT, sry only for my class people to understand, which I felt they shouldn't have because it was like an open rivalry you know. Then I don't know what some marists did, my friend said they were throwing people around, then Mr.Kwok stormed on stage and stopped the band from playing. OMG la... I saw him and I was thinking, he won't be that you know, to go and stop them, ended up he really did. I was like wdf??? If I was one of the musicians I would feel very insulted and embarassed la. Can't he just tell them to stop throwing each other around? That was like so stupid la, then ended up he ruined the whole mood and feeling of the celebration. Then Elenda Loh won the teacher of the year award. I was like yay when I saw Ng Chor Yam go on stage, because I thought it was Mr.Lim. But never mind. Then later go back class, and made another LAN outing haha!! I love playing dota with the PRCs so fun la, the other time we played then we won 2-1, then they cursed in chinese so funny lor, but still they were very good sports and they won us once too. Haha, can't wait for the next lan outing on the friday of the first week of prelim, because the second week only MCQ papers. Lalala can't wait for prelims to be over.