Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Oh ya, I forgot to mention, what on the Sec 4s leaver ceremony on 5 october then get some results and it is the highlight. Wdf? Anyway I think we getting the results b4 that, but the results on leavers ceremony is the finlalised one, like add prelim 1 and after moderation, just in case some ppl don't know. Then they say can invite the parents. Hmmm, should I? It's like later no parents come la. I mean, this sort of thing is a class bonding thingy, parents come like a bit diaoz la, unless all come. Anyway, I don't think our school is big enough to have the parents to come too haha if u know what i mean. Hmm, is our shaw hall even big enough? Our prelims hor, already some classes like 3-4 need to take in class lor because the shaw hall so small. So do u even think there's room for parents? Haha. 3 more days to LAN!!! HAHAHAHA DOTA ROX!!!