Thursday, September 27, 2007


My Reflections

Chinese : 76/100

OMG Today was like a normal day until chinese lesson. I got an A1. WDF???!!! This is like the first time I had ever scored above 70 since secondary 1 la. Whoa it's like wdf lor. All of my friends were like so surprised la. Even my mother and sister also so shocked. Too bad it was just a fluke, because I copy and paste the whole comprehension and I got 34/40 even though I didn't understand the passage. Haha must be exam smart what right?

E.Maths: 89/100

Ok. I lost 3 marks because I go extra put + and - for square root, when the answer should be just positive, haiz.

Now I feel cheated. Those higher chinese ppl can -2 more marks la. Some more they can use it in lieu of english, the highest for english is only like 71 I think. Where as there were so many A2 and B3 for higher chinese. Grrr. But never mind, 5 pts should be enough to go to the JC I want.