Wednesday, November 05, 2008

1 more day!!

Like omg!!! PW IS COMING TO A DAM END!!! After tmr at 9am, like OMG!!!! NO MORE FHUCKING PW FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!! and after I hand in I&R on friday at 10am, I can like delete all the bloody stupid pw related stuff from my computer!! A pity my room computer spoil, so as a result cannot watch gossip girl, desperate housewives, or delete my PW STUFF!!!

And I dunno y, but apparently I'm not practicing hard enough for OP. But I don't care, I want that A. I'm so excited la, becuz tmr is OP and Bio O! Even though I 99.99% lose for Bio O, it's still fun though ha ha. And OP is quite fun too, luckily we're the first group so we can like relax ASAP.