Tuesday, November 04, 2008

High School Musical 3

Ok, today was a rubbish day, with pw taking up like 7 hours of my time.. Even though we ate for like 2 hours, played for 2 hours and bla bla bla...

But OMG!! Who said high school musical sux? It rocks la!!! The music and dances are so dam cool can? They are so talented la, can dance so cool and sing quite nice and act at the same time. But of course, Lucas Grabeel stands out the most la. So cute and charming and so so perfect!! And his sister, Sharpey is a totally Blair's best friend la! I can't stand troy and gabriellleee lor, note the small letter I used for the first alphabet of their names. What's so dam special about them? Like they are the only couple in the world liddat... The whole movie let them spoil by singing stupid duos... AHHH!!! I can't stand it, Ryan is just so so so perfect. It's official, he's now on my list of favourite actors, alongside Shia Labeouf.

O ya, somehow A*Star wants to interview me hahaha... And it's on friday... So guess what, I can't celebrate the end of OP with my class.. Haiz... And worse of all, I think I need to prepare for it, becuz I talked so much about all those cheem cheem medical science stuff, I have a feeling they'll ask me about it. And worse, I only heard about it, I don't even know what stem cells are in detail of course, or gel electrophorisis or what... guess I'll read a little on friday morning. Hopefully I get in, if not my holiday will be just so so so unproductive. Ok, going out is fun, but unproductive.