Thursday, August 09, 2007


Ok, today was lame and a bit fun. I forgot that the band was playing for today's national anthem and school song, but I guess they did a very good job, but a bit fast to sing. And I hope that the trumpets were playing staccato on purpose because there was like no slurs. Then it was so lame lor, I went to explore the games but all were all so diaoz la, like primary school thing so I just went back to class and eat and talk and crap lo. Then later that was mock english exam which was quite hard. Then came home and I checked ntrix and I only got 26.5/40 for the chem test.... Wdf.... But I guess it's ok because i'm 2nd in the express stream. Still having a mild headache, fever, and flu. It better be cured by my oral english exam next tuesday. And chinese O level results coming out on Monday!! B3 !!!! Here I come!!!