Thursday, August 09, 2007


Yesterday, I slept from 2pm to 8pm because I felt sick, and I dreamt of weird stuff, in fact very very weird stuff. I dunno y I never dream so often when i'm not sick but when I'm sick like these few days, I have dreams like everyday. I dreamt of going to school at 7am and then go arcade cause it was still early, then end up we got lost?? Then missed the bio exam or something. I also dreamt that some people came into my class and bullied us and they were very gigantic people, then somehow I became harry potter's friend. Ok nvm, anyway I woke up at 8pm yesterday and felt better. But I couldn't sleep at all! I think I slept at like 1 am . And of course, I dreamt again. I think the subconscious mind is weaker when we are physically weaker too, allowing these dreams to come in. Anyway, today is national day, like I give a damn anyway. The only reason I like national day is because today and tomorrow is a holiday =) and not because of what loyalness and patrioticness to the country, bleh. I feel much better but am " not out of the woods yet " ( only sec 4s will understand ), I hope i'm fully revived by tomorrow.