Saturday, August 11, 2007


Ok, Simpsons was hilarious!! Those under immense stress and got nothing better to do, go watch ba. Every like few minutes the whole theatre would be filled with laughter lo.. The movie dam funny and quite emotional some parts, I nearly teared. Ok, anyway the outing was a bit pathetic, only like 5 ppl went? Me, Justin, Jia Fu, Clement Chew and Bryan Oh. Went pastamnia to eat then dropped pizza on the floor, then went watch movie then go arcade. At the arcade got this dam weird person, he sit at the street fighter for like 20 mins pressing the buttons as if he was playing but he WASN'T PLAYING!! Omg!! The 2 machines were identical lor, his machine and the one beside him, it was the advertisement or sth, then he was so engrossed for 20 mins!! Pressing the buttons and fiddling with the manouevere stick or whatever... Omg.. Always when I go near orchard road, I always see marists. Today I thought was the first time cause I never see any, then went we went to dhoby ghaut mrt station, we saw 2 marists. Guess my theory was right =)
And I finally reached a conclusion as to where the flu in my class came from. It came from JEPHTATH!!! Your cum tissues la, never throw properly. I turn around my face at ur tissues le. Then Bryan Oh said he sit beside Jephtath then kena flu next day.. Pls throw your cum tissues after use next time k?