Thursday, August 02, 2007


These past few days has been quite normal la, monday nothing special, tuesday oso, today oso, just that I managed to find out the shortcut for the 2.4km route, I estimate that one would save 200-300m. Not really much but I guess it's still ok. Lucky DK in china, so me and my friends took the short cut, and then instead of running from the spca up, we sneaked in from the primary school haha, we waited until someone go in then we quickly go in then try to avoid being caught, so fun. Oh and I saw a snake while running through the forest, I think it's harmless, it is like 1m long but 2cm thin. Ya lor, then that's it lor, apart from the many papers I still have to do. 2005, 2006 chem and physics o level, and more maths stuff, wadeva..