Thursday, July 26, 2007


Today I feel a bit happy, maybe it's because I accomplished a lot today, finishing 10 chapters in semi-detail for chemistry. PE will be the most hated subject or period from now until the day PE stops in secondary school. Just because I failed standing borad jump by 10cm I think, DK wants everyone to like run 2 rounds every PE lesson then do dunno what sit-up, push-up and dunno what crap la, fk him man, even my friend so fit, just was sick on the napfa day oso must do all these shit. Then physics SPA was screwed up lah fk fk fk !!! Chem and Physics SPA all screwed up, except bio. Then got maths intergration test, was easy just that I saw addition as multiplication, then chem test I never really study also. Xian, and tmr got physics test. Tests tests tests papers papers papers homework homework homework, go die lah......... At least I finished studing physics and like half of chemistry. And my teacher so sadistic la, say what, I will start revision next week onwards and must do what 2 papers per week, I know you will feel stress. If you feel stress then next week onwards will be more stress ar, then give that face of joyful laughter. If only he was my teacher last year, I dont need maths tuition anymore, at least maths tuition is fun, can crap and tok shit and the teacher very good. Going to sleep now le ..