Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Boring! These few days are so boring lah. Anyway, was happy for my O level bio spa today cuz I knew what to do, tmr is physics and I have a hunch that it is super hard due to the hints from my teacher. And today in class, someone hit my teacher right in the face as he was passing the paper to the person behind without seeing, and the teacher is the strictest teacher and the kind that never laugh one lor, wah dam funny. Then, do homework a while, study for test and then wdf 9:45 pm le... That's because the teachers have started getting the O level fits and piling tests on every free day. This week alone got 8 tests already lor. Apparently, I know many people who have time management problem, my classmates, my friends and other ppl, including me lor. The first thing to do is to priortise, definitely. I quitted dota a few months ago so that by now, I won't be addicted to dota. Can you imagine what would happen if I continued to play dota now? Lol la, and then the second thing would be to set a schedule I guess, it's very important but make sure it's reasonable and give times for breaks. If still got time management problem, like what all my friends are facing now ( they quit their com games le ), it's not your fault. Let nature take its course then. Good luck to all in their struggle for errr time? ya wadeva.