Monday, July 16, 2007


Wow! I've like procastinated my work for like 3 days, now I need to reschedule my schedule. Damit lah. So I'm going to watch harry potter tmr with some people and I'm so excited because I really like harry potter and sometimes I even fantasise about the world having magic and all of us going to magic school or something, isn't that like so cool? Maybe there is such a thing in a parallel dimension of some sort. However, I won't be expecting much from the show tomorrow because I have heard comments from my friends and Fredy saying that the show cut off too much. I just hope there is a lot of graphics especially at the fighting part because that's the only part I like to watch, and of course the classes. With such classes - potions, herbology, transfiguration. charms, defence of the dark arts I won't be procastinating work with the lame and boring sciences and maths ( maybe not maths haha). Well, tmr I"ll write a review if I have time so those who might want to watch it can decide for yourself.