Saturday, July 14, 2007


No one knows how to fix the title thing? Nvm. Anyway, now is the time that teachers start to get the 'O' level madness in their eyes, rushing through the syllabus like no ones business and dishing out homework by the KGs, ok I know it's not that serious YET, but the last leg of my secondary school career is coming to an end with the end of year " party " looming ahead. I have to focus and concentrate on studying, although that's hard I have to start now. Though I've started a little, it's still insignificant and I totally did not follow my schedule today. And monday is 'O' level listening comprehension as well as the fact that i'm going to watch harry potter and the order of the phoenix with some 'friends'. There's a little pressure on me at the moment as I realise that actually english is a very important subject especially in this modern and globalised fast paced rat-race world where people know everything and anything. Argh, I need someone to clarify some tenses problems but I still haven't been receiving my compositions from last year, like 10 of them? and another 5 from this year. And like 10 + comprehension from last year combined with this year. Luckily my english tuition teacher is very helpful in the sense that she corrects my mistakes and clarifies things with us. Thank God. Lol, after all English is the ultimate factor in separating the thousands ( yes thousands, believe it ) of people who has 5-7 A1s in their other subjects. Hey, why must I always talk about studies, geek me anyway I can't stress enough to my juniors how important english is, don't make the mistake and follow me by not even getting basic grammar right. If you want follow me then follow my maths and science, not english haha. And I still can't wait to watch harry potter la, I can't wait!!!! But some of my friend claims that the movie isn't going to be as interesting and wowing as previous ones, partly because of the cuts but still I can't wait. Btw, dolores umbridge has that kind of face that makes you want to bash her face. =) Sorry for the long and rambling post, just take it as 2 day's worth. XD