Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Where's my title?

For some strange reasons I can't see the title of each post. Nvm, I have decided to start studying for the 'O' Levels from today onwards because obviously I didn't get accpeted by DSA, I think. Even if I got in, I may not accept the offer due to some other reasons, but most probably I won't get in la.. since other ppl was called already but I haven't received any calls yet. Bleh so I have decided to study and get 6 points so I can get into VJC. So apparaently the only problem left is english for me la, cause I did 2005 maths paper yesterday and I got 85,93 for a.maths and e.maths respectively but I did not check my work cause I didn't want to use the full 2 hours so it should be ok. So it's just english.. I have even resorted to reading this book which teaches grammar, punctuation meant for primary school students haha.. so despo, but I realised that everytime I write english compos, whenever I come across those tenses, I don't even know why it's "had" or "have" or whatever, I see it sounds nice then use it, I can't let that happen again. I need to get my grammar correct first before I go expand my vocabulary.. So from now on it's just english, the other subjects should be ok... I am gonna become an Ang Moh. To start my english campaign right, I am going to write in clear, accurate and precise english from now on in my blog.