Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Harry Potter + Chinese 'O' Level Listening Comprehension

Yay! I watched Harry Potter 5 today with Wei Xiang, Zhong Yu, Matthew, Fu Yang, Shawn, Leslie, and what's that called? Oh ya, clarence ( note the small letters ). Anyway, the movie isn't that fantastic. The content was good and okay, with some stuff cut off. The graphics was superb as usual, but the fighting action was not up to my expectations. In previous movies, the fighting part was always the most captivating and interesting part. However, for this movie, the fighting part was only a few minutes, and there was only a bird's eye view of what's going on, really not nice, especially when the main reason for my liking of Harry Potter films is because of the action. Oh well, a good movie overall and still should be watched. Btw, I just love seeing that stupid doleres umbridge being fked up by those centaurs thing so funny.
Today was Chinese 'O' Level Listening Comprehension. I crapped and crapped with my friends for like 1 and a half hour after lessons ended, and then I finally went up to 4A to get ready for the exam. For some reason they were throwing paperballs at each other. Weird, but smart. So after listening to like Beethoven's Sonatas for like half an hour, the thing finally started. OMG lah, it was so bloody hard that after the 10 questions, I only did like 4. Then when the thing repeated, I like just simply fill in the rest lor. In the end after the whole thing when I compared my answers with those chinese pros, I got 8 MARKS WOOT WOOT!!!! OUT OF 10!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG an A1!! Is like so unexpected can? My correct answers were all tyco de, and then I also didn't really understand the passage and question. Oh well...
Now my chinese results are as follows

paper 1 : 46/70 ( I hope haha)

paper 2 : 54/70 ( I hope haha )

Oral : 22/40

Listening: 16/20

Overall : 138/200

= 69%???

Uh, I don't know, it's rather inaccurate though. Still, I have 5% of getting A1, 10% for getting A2, 60% for getting B3, 20% for getting B4, and 5% for getting C and less. Maybe moderation will save me, but then again, there are many more pros out there, my score although B3 is just a raw score and is quite common. Oh well...